Welcome to Bella Donna

Fine Italian cuisine in the heart of Pittsboro!

We welcome you to join us for your next meal at Bella Donna Italian Restaurant.

Enjoy homemade pasta, pizza, salads, wine and more. Featuring delicious desserts from Pastry Chef Amy Buckner.

WE HAVE KID’S MEALS – We provide fresh fruit or a salad along with homemade dessert made by Pastry Chef Amy with every Kid’s menu item. A great deal and a healthy meal.





Personal Plea

One final note and this one is personal and really I have no business asking people for something so personal on my business website, but my fingers are typing and I have no control. A high school classmate broke his back two years out of high school in a motorcycle accident and has been paralyzed from the waist down for almost 40 years. He was an amazing athlete, football player and even was a personal trainer for me one summer. I’ve started a Go Fund Me page to purchase him a Segway wheelchair. He has had a much harder life than many of us could ever imagine. Two years ago he was hospitalized for almost a year because he had a sore on his body that he could not feel and it became infected. A cut on his legs could be life threatening because he doesn’t have the ability to feel pain, yet he has a wonderful spirit, is an artist and inventor and has made a decent life for himself. This Segfree, as it is called, will cost about $15,000. I am asking anyone who can help my friend, to have this state of the art invention that came out only last year, to please go to this Go-Fund-Me link and donate. There is lots of information on the go-fund-me website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you.