Welcome to Bella Donna

Fine Italian cuisine in the heart of Pittsboro!

We welcome you to join us for your next meal at Bella Donna Italian Restaurant.

Enjoy homemade pasta, pizza, salads, wine and more.

WE HAVE KID’S MEALS – We provide fresh fruit or a salad along with homemade dessert with every Kid’s menu item. A great deal and a healthy meal.

“If your idea of good Italian food is Olive Garden, I challenge you to give Bella Donna a try.

When I go out to eat and pay $30 for what I can buy myself at Kroger for less than $10, I expect to have a special experience. I expect the food to be homemade, and made to order, and I don’t expect the background noise of a trendy radio station and the smell of rotting food ground into the carpet.

At Bella Donna, the service was great, the atmosphere was very pleasant, with classic oldies nicely mixed in the overhead. The whole place, including the restrooms, was clean, and smelled of cooking Italian food.  The food was homemade, and made to order, of the finest fresh ingredients: You can really taste the difference.  My wife and I felt as though we’d had a very nice, reasonably priced, dining experience, instead of just eating out.

From the inside out, it’s clear that Bella Donna goes out of their way to “do it right”. They even have sweet basil and other things growing out back.

Stop patronizing the national chains and give the local fare a chance. It’s what America great, and you just might enjoy real food for a change, not frozen patties and box pasta.”

Jeff Cathcart, American Legion Post 93, Siler City, NC